Pumpkin Word Family Game Ready-to-Go Materials


Pumpkin -ap Word Family Game
Ages 3-6

This game promotes phonemic awareness and word recognition in the classroom. Whether children are just learning to differentiate alphabet letters or already have some beginning sound knowledge, they’ll love this concrete game. Easy to implement in the classroom, and doesn’t require any additional supplies.

This word family gameĀ  is appropriate for children 3-6 years of age. Please allow 2 business days for us to process your order. Orders will be mailed via USPS. Price includes shipping in USA.



No time to make materials? No worries! We have you covered. We’ll make the game for you, cut out the pieces, and laminate it. You’ll receive:

  • 9 sets of -ap words on pumpkin cards (2 of the same word per set)
  • 6 sets of blank pumpkin cards for you to create your own words
  • Directions

Item will be shipped to billing address unless otherwise stated in the notes section of the order.