One Classroom, Many Languages

Nearly one in three US children live in a household where a language other than English is spoken. Dual language learners are a diverse group of children, and include all children in a household where someone speaks a language other than English. Including dual language learners in your classroom can be challenging, particularly when you don’t speak the child’s home language. In this course, you’ll learn more about the universal nature of language development, how to support language learning for all children, and how to specifically support dual language learners in your classroom. This class is designed for teachers of infant, toddler, and preschool classrooms, but does have a heavy emphasis on infant and toddler classrooms.

Approved in OH, KY, HI, IN, MI, MN, & NC.
CDA Content Area: Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

Course Instructor

Dr. Jenni Jacobs Dr. Jenni Jacobs Author