What is a TLP Membership?

All-Access, On-Demand Training

A TLP (The Learning Professor) membership gives one individual access to all of the courses on this site for one year from the date of purchase. The member can take any course he/she desires during that time period and receive credit in their state registry system.

Benefits of a TLP Membership

Access to More Courses

You'll have key access to ALL courses on The Learning Professor website during your membership - Get credit for as many courses as you would like at no extra charge!

More Flexibility & Time

Increased time to complete your courses! Instead of the typical four months of access, memberships last for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

Huge Savings

For those looking to take 20+ hours of training during your membership, you'll be saving over 37% off the regular price of courses!

Quality Assurance

Rest assured knowing that you are getting the highest quality state-approved trainings that are available! Every course on our site is approved for credit in Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky!

Access to the TLP Private Facebook Group

TLP Members have access to the TLP private Facebook group where they can ask Dr. Jacobs questions, get new ideas from other members, and be inspired! In this group, you'll be able to get advice on curriculum, classroom issues, or anything else that you need help with from other like-minded professionals and receive input from Dr. Jacobs!

Pay a 1-Time Fee for the Entire Year

No more searching for the right course and then going through the checkout process. With a membership, pay a one-time fee and for the entire year and have on-demand access to every course on the dashboard.

What's the Cost of a Membership?

Individual Membership

$ 150
  • Unlimited Access for 1 person

10 Staff Members

$ 1500
  • Unlimited Access for 10 people

30 Staff Members

$ 4500
  • Unlimited Access for 30 people

Plans are customizable to fit your needs!

Check Out Your Potential Savings!

Type of Membership Average Cost for 20 Hours of Training Price for Membership Total Savings
Individual $200 $150 $75
Access for 10 people $2000 $1500 $750
Access for 15 people $3000 $2250 $850
Access for 20 people $4000 $3000 $1000
Access for 25 people $5000 $3750 $1250
Access for 30 people $6000 $4500 $1500

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each individual membership is valid for one person for one year from the date of purchase.
  2. Access to courses will expire one year from the date of purchase unless a new membership is purchased. If an individual has started but not completed a course and loses access after the one-year membership has expired, he/she must purchase the individual course or purchase another membership to complete it.
  3. Center/staff /group memberships for more than one individual include a pre-determined number of slots. Each slot must be assigned to an individual staff member. A full name and email address are required to create an account. Once the first full course has been completed, the account is no longer transferrable. All center/staff/group memberships are valid for one year from the purchase date. 
  4. Accounts are not transferrable. In the event that a center/staff membership has been purchased and the staff member assigned to that membership leaves the center, the account/membership may be transferred to another individual provided that no credit has been given to the original staff member. All center/staff/group memberships are valid for one year from the purchase date.