Center/Staff Memberships

All-Access, On-Demand Training

A TLP (The Learning Professor) center/staff membership gives access to all of the courses on this site for one year from the date of purchase for the number of memberships purchased. For example, if you select a quantity of 1, then one individual will obtain access. If you select a quantity of 10, then 10 individuals will obtain access.

The member can take any course he/she desires during that time period and receive credit in their state registry system. You will receive immediate access to all trainings available at The Learning Professor. Within 2 business days, you will receive a link to the private Facebook Group.

  • For a center package, select the number of memberships you would like below. One membership is required for each person that you want to have access, including yourself.
  • The “Enroll Me” button will take one of the memberships purchased and create a membership for you. For example, if you select 2 memberships and check the “Enroll Me” box, one of the memberships will be in your account and the other will be available for 1 staff member. If you do not want a membership for yourself, leave the box unchecked.
  • List all participants in the Participant Info box with Full Name and Email. They will receive their account login within 2 business days. Or, you may email a list/spreadsheet to
  • For Ohio participants, you will be registered in OCCRRA for specific courses once you have completed the course. All courses are Ohio Approved.
  • See Terms and Conditions below.

Center/Staff Membership Package


Members Only

Note: Group does NOT mean that a group of people can take the course at the same time. Each person must complete the course independently in his/her own account. “Group” is a way to register someone other than yourself or to purchase more than one of the same course. See note below on registering a staff member. 

Registering a Staff Member?

If you are purchasing a course for someone other than yourself, click the group button above. After purchase, Go to the Start My Course tab and choose “Manage Group Registration.” You will find the course you purchased there and can add the staff member’s name and email address to create their account and give them immediate access to the course. 


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Each individual membership is valid for one person for one year from the date of purchase.
  2. Access to courses will expire one year from the date of purchase unless a new membership is purchased. If an individual has started but not completed a course and loses access after the one-year membership has expired, he/she must purchase the individual course or purchase another membership to complete it.
  3. Center/staff /group memberships for more than one individual include a pre-determined number of slots. Each slot must be assigned to an individual staff member. A full name and email address are required to create an account. Once the first full course has been completed, the account is no longer transferrable. All center/staff/group memberships are valid for one year from the purchase date.
  4. Accounts are not transferrable. In the event that a center/staff membership has been purchased and the staff member assigned to that membership leaves the center, the account/membership may be transferred to another individual provided that no credit has been given to the original staff member. All center/staff/group memberships are valid for one year from the purchase date.
  5. Private Facebook Group access ends when a membership ends.