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Classroom Practices During COVID-19

Note: This is an opinion piece only whose goal is to start a conversation. I am not a medical professional nor a COVID Researcher. Recently

To Trace or Not to Trace?

Of all the topics about preschool literacy that I teach, the most hotly debated among teachers is that of tracing. A simple google search on

Language Matters When it Comes to Shame

Recently I’ve joined several parenting (mom) Facebook groups online to get a sense of some of the topics that parents are struggling with. It’s supposed

Spoiling Babies???

A friend of mine has a 7 month old infant in a group care setting. She came over with him the other day and told

The Process of Art: What Do I Say?

Guest Blog by Jacki Leader “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou Our field has come

Up or Down the Slide?

Guest Blog by Jacki Leader Every time I am at a playground, whether it be at a school or in a community park, an interesting

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