Preschool Course Catalog

High Quality, Engaging Courses

DAP: The What, Why, & How

Learn the critical features of developmentally appropriate practice (DAP). You will explore the history of DAP, why it is important, the role of the teacher, the role of play, and how programs can support families in children in promoting developmentally appropriate practice.

3.0 Hours * $30.00

Psychology Behind Behavior

This training is a must have for all teachers and parents of young children. This unique workshop blends the worlds of psychology and early childhood to help you understand why children (and adults) behave the way they do. You'll walk away with practical strategies.

4.5 Hours * $40.00

Teaching to the Brain

Teaching to the Brain

We've all heard of teaching to the test, and we all know that this strategy has no long-term success for children. Instead, let's "teach to the brain"...use what we know about how the brain develops to influence what we do in our classrooms. Learn six brain based teaching strategies.

5.0 Hours * $45.00

The Quest for Empathy

We have to understand empathy in order to help children develop it. This workshop will explore what empathy is, the types of empathy, how it is different from sympathy, roadblocks to empathy, and some classroom strategies to promote empathy.

2.0 Hours * $20.00

social justice principles

Equity, Equality, & Diversity
Social Justice in ECE

Learn about the concepts of social justice, privilege, what a single story is, how to avoid it, and how to avoid a tourist-y approach to diversity. Only by understanding all of these concepts can we truly provide an equitable experience for all children.

2.0 Hours * $20.00

Strategies for Dual Language Learners

Nearly one in three US children live in a household where a language other than English is spoken. Including dual language learners in your classroom can be challenging, particularly when you don't speak the child's home language. Learn strategies to support these learners.

7.5 Hours * $60.00

Moving Beyond
Letter of the Week

Why is a letter of the week approach not the best way to teach these skills? In this workshop we'll explore fun strategies for teaching children to recognize letters, sounds, and words in ways that prepare children for success in kindergarten.

3.0 Hours * $30.00

Creating Your Literacy Curriculum

Literacy is something that must be intentionally planned for young children, but that doesn't mean that it should be too teacher-directed. This workshop is designed to give you an idea of the types of literacy experiences that children should have in an early care program.

4.5 Hours * $40.00

Teaching to the Brain

Creating Your Math Curriculum

This workshop will help you understand the types of math experiences that preschoolers should have access to in a preschool classroom. You will learn about number sense, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis.

3.0 Hours * $30.00

Preschool Science

Creating Your Science Curriculum

This workshop will explore the types of science experiences that are appropriate for preschoolers. You will learn about the 3 areas of science curriculum that should be part of every early childhood classroom and walk away with lots of ideas on science activities.

3.0 Hours * $30.00

Creating Neural Pathways
for Literacy

This workshop explores how the neural pathways for reading are constructed, the role of vocabulary, phonics, and handwriting in reading instruction, and practical strategies for the preschool classroom that support these research findings.

2.5 Hours * $25.00

Turtles in the Pond

Count Me In
Number Sense in Preschool

Adding math activities to your classroom in a fun and inviting way can be a challenge. This course will cover the mathematical area of number sense, and will offer lots of activities that encourage number sense for preschool children.

1.0 Hours * $10.00