Creating Neural Pathways for Literacy

Reading is not a natural process, and some children struggle more than others. The field of neuroscience has used brain imaging to help us understand what happens as children learn to read, and this information can help teachers better prepare children for later reading success. In this class, we will explore how to activate the necessary region of the brain that is required for reading and review the types of practices that are beneficial to children. Specifically, you’ll explore how the neural pathways for reading are constructed, the role of phonics and handwriting in reading instruction, why neuroscience supports phonics over whole language, the role of vocabulary in reading, and practical strategies for the preschool classroom that support these research findings.

Approved in OH, HI, IN, KY, MI & MN. Pending approval in NC.
CDA Content Area: Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

Course Instructor

Dr. Jenni Jacobs Dr. Jenni Jacobs Author