The Quest for Empathy

In order to help children develop empathy, we first have to truly understand it ourselves. This workshop will take a deep dive into empathy and will explore the following questions: What is empathy? What are the different types of empathy? How does it differ from sympathy? Why are boundaries important? What are the roadblocks that get in the way of empathy? What are some strategies to help develop empathy in children? Understanding the answers to these questions form the foundation to being truly empathic yourself, which is a prerequisite for being able to teach empathy to children in the classroom.

Approved in OH (OA-L1 for SUTQ), HI, IN, KY, MN, & MI.
Pending approval in NC.
CDA Area: Supporting children’s social and emotional development

Course Instructor

Dr. Jenni Jacobs Dr. Jenni Jacobs Author